Apart from other telecommunication services, eTechnocrates also offers short codes and virtualnumbers that enables our clients to facilitate two way communication with their target audience.

What are Short Codes?
A short code is a five digit number provided by mobile operators on which users can send SMS's. The general idea behind short codes is that they are easier to remember and hence, solicit more responses than regular numbers, and let users interact with companies.

How do Short Codes work?
Short codes are provided to independent companies (service providers such as Start) and all incoming SMS are forwarded to the servers of service providers by mobile operators. The messages and their contents can then be accessed by the client in any customized format.

Examples of short code usages:

  • Text Voting (as on TV shows)
  • Lead Generation
  • Feedback collection
  • Contests and Promotions
  • Event Solutions
  • Fun & Interactivity

What are Long Codes/Virtual Numbers?
The applicability of long codes is similar to short codes. It is a regular virtual phone numberthat the client can use as a sender ID when transmitting messages or use to communicate with customers.

How does it work?
Any SMS sent to a virtual number is captured by our system which makes receiving and filtering a large quantity of messages much easier than receiving them on a handset. The system captures the sender's number, date, time, and content of incoming message. The client can then decide when and how to respond to each individual message through Start's messaging platform. Seamless and simple!

Examples of Virtual Numbers/ Long code usages:

  • Real time responses from customers
  • Mobile Coupons
  • All two way communication (cheaper than Short Codes for end users)