Portal Development

We see the entire process of Portal building as a culmination of various processes.

Concept Understanding & Refining:

The first step in building a Portal, that is successful in fulfilling the concept, is to understand the core concept behind it along with the intended site audience, the service to be provided via it etc. We sit down with the key personnel for the project and after understanding the entire concept, apply our experience of this media called Internet coupled with the practicality issues, and try to arrive at a workable model of the whole idea

Landscape Scanning:

The next step is to identify and study the various similar Portals from all around the world, which provides a very good idea of what is currently happening in that are a world over. Along this we get to see and understand the various implementations of Portals close to our concept, which helps us in refining our proof of concept and further implementation.

Requirement Matrix:

After the idea has taken a definite shape we will go into the specific like defining of various entities involved in the site, functionality's etc. Basically this is where we define the "WHAT" of the site/Portal.

Technology Study & Decision:

In the field of Internet there is a wide gamut of parallel technologies, tools &languages; available for us to utilize, create and implement web solutions. Each of these has their own strengths & weaknesses, pros & cons. This is the stage where,after we know the needs, we consider these alternatives to arrive at the best suited set of technologies to exploit and basically this is where we define "How to do it"portion of the whole process.

Interface Designing:

Then comes the crucial stage of creating a user friendly and intuitive interface thatempowers the site visitor to effectively & easily utilize the site's functionality's without much effort.

Creative Designing / Site Designing:

This involves creating the look and feel of the site which reflects the organization,functionality, domain of the Portal in aesthetically appealing yet simple design.

Site Development:

This is the stage where we actualize the entire concept utilizing the planned technologies, tools & languages.

Back Office Functions & Implementation:

A portal is essentially a site that has exhaustive content & facilities relating to aspecific domain of our lives; be it businesses, exports, niche markets, entertainmentetc. But a Portal is not just a site in itself, it needs a lot of people backstage tomanage and run its affairs. These people are at the heart of the Portal and they needto interface with the site in many ways like Content Management, Administrativetasks, answering queries etc. Without these people and processes a Portal in itself isjust nothing. Therefore, along with the development of the site we identify such backoffice people's need and also create the processes, tools that they need in order to runthe whole show seamlessly.

Content Management:

Apart from the core functionality of an e-business site it definitely needs to providecontent specific to the domain that it caters to. This content acts as an addedadvantage to the visitors to your site and adds value to it. We can help you identifyand source the right team or out-source the content management activity.